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Main Hand Torch?

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I thought it may have been suggested in the past with the Touch of Madness release but did see a main topic anyways. Now with Touch of Madness and Touch of Fog, it would be "neat" to have a main hand torch. Similar to the idea some threw around about a main hand shield but this would be much less cluttered graphically. Also like the shields the torches are one of the more unique weapons with great variations with the flames they spout. When I have the rare opportunity to use a torch it's so hard to pick.

There are other things one could due other than giving burning stacks too. Here is a spit ball 5 attacks.

  1. Auto attack: A three hit wack, on the third wack stack(s) of burning.

  2. CC: Torches have hilts. I would think a daze attack is obvious. Just have the cool down adjusted accordingly. Definitely help with making it attractive.

  3. DPS that counts: I call it Brand. So its a stationary attack, close range with a cast duration. This functions similar to meteor shower. Basically one is jabbing their torch in a foe for say 5 seconds. The longer the target is getting hit with it the more damage it takes. Ie(not literally) 1 second 500, 2sec 1200, 3 second 2200, 4 sec 3500, 5sec 5000 + combustion stacks, something to that effect. This attack, if it its hard enough, would be viable for raids and other no brain pve encounters. In PVP and WvW, any skilled player can dodge it but those who aren't or want to play "hit for a hit" can take the gamble. I don't think it needs much of cooldown either if scaled properly since it makes one semi vulnerable, sort of a high risk - high rewards, like meteor shower.Graphically for the Brand attack I imagined holding the arm out straight with the torch pointing forward. If it one was using the "Touches" it would look like you're grasping them with your smoking hand.

  4. Survivability: How it would work im not sure, but it would be neat but similar concept to the mesmer's Prestige, It would be cool to make a smoke screen that gives Aegis. That seems more of an off hand move but its an idea.

  5. Soft CC: Again like Prestige, not much blind using for torch which seems an obvious option. Soft CC. Might be neat to put it in with the auto attack instead of the burning.

Anywho just a thought. Basically I just want a reason to use torches more often.

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@Strider Pj.2193 said:

might be a touch of sarcasm

New torch skin confirmed: Touch of Sarcasm. Like it's recent counterpart, it requires a Touch of Madness to craft.

Now we’re talking..,

The gen 2 legendaries have been too.... serious..

Well, people cried about the gen 1 legendaries being to silly, be careful what you ask for?

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