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[NA][JQ][PvX][WvW] 4 Aussies LFGuild


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Needing a home for four players. I would say we are steady players who put in a lot of time into games we love but currently have a more casual mindset.

Would prefer a guild (doesn't have to be huge) with an active player base within our timeframe. Doesn't have to be an "aussie" guild so long as there's people around during our times.

Hoping to find one that's established and knows what it's on about, not seeking to help build a new one sorry.

My partner and I both have had experience leading our own guilds (me in Star Wars Galaxies and Warcraft, her in Age of Conan). We've both done raid leading and hardcore raids in other games in the past. Long history of MMO games. We are both just getting back into GW2 for the first time in 2 years.

The other 2 are regular gamers with MMO experience but new to GW2.

Not looking for anything hardcore here, something we can take part in and enjoy without feeling pressured into HAVING to be around constantly.

We all enjoy PvE content and WvW. 2 of us also enjoy the PvP gameplay aside from WvW as well.

Partner has 5 level 80's but her main is a Ranger

My Main is a Warrior. I also have an 80 Ranger

3rd is a Mesmer with a Ranger backup

Last is a Thief and Engineer

Feel Free to hit me up in game via message or mail.

Thanks for your time,Blakhart (Blakhart.5024)

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