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New player- Help- Aussie Guild also

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Hi Guys, Even though I am a founder I have never actually played :)I have been over the last week since resigning myself to realise WoW isnt going to improve, and finding to my surprise I am having alot of fun.I am looking for some help though, I read too much instead of just playing and was looking at guides, but there is so many, is there a good place to go like icy veins for wow?Am playing Ranger and enjoying it, but it seems later in the game it changes to a melee class to be viable? or did I read that wrong...Also any Aussies Guilds? prefer GMT plus8


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Viable is a funny word. Viable in what? Raids? PvP? WvW? Hard end game content? A lot of the content in this game is open world and story content where ranged is sometimes easier. Viable is different from optimal and most people who say viable mean optimal. In general melee has greater risk/greater rewards in this game. That means ranging stuff is safer but killing takes longer. If you run a ranger, you can kill a lot of stuff ranged but it'll take longer to die. That's certainly viable, but not optimal.

Every profession in this game can melee and range. A lot of people think the term ranger refers to ranged weapons but it refers to range as in an animal's range. Rangers range the wild. If you look at the Ranger in Lord of the Rings, it was Aragorn, who used a sword...not a bow.

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