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What do you think the next quarterly revenue report will say about Guild Wars 2?

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It should be more or less the same. Keep in mind that spike and increase last year and first quarter this year were still largely expansion sales. We didn't really get something amazing in the gem store for a while now though, so that might be another reason it continues being low. The last 4 months there were exactly 4 interesting items for me that I bought, which is pretty meh. Black Lion Chests were extremely lackluster as well, so I didn't bother with them either.

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The last quarter was nearly equal to quarters in the year leading up to HoT and was better than the quarters between HoT and PoF. Here's the full graph + reddit/forum activity. Fun fact, there's nearly 100k users registered on these forums, 20k registered in the month they went live and they're gaining around 5k registrations per month.

Sales will probably dip as it always has, but who knows, maybe all the "advertising" worked in their favor. They've had a string of events, such as the Bless mess near the end of Q2, which saw a 34% increase in forum registrations for a 2 month period.

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