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Legendary time gate?


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I was intending on working a set of legendary armor. Reading up on it, the info seemed to be indicating that the WvW skirmish claim ticket was the biggest part of the time gate. The wiki indicating it would take 21-25 weeks. Seemed long, but ok this is an MMO.

But now it appears the biggest time gate isn't the claim tickets, but the Grandmaster Mark shards? Is this correct? You need 20 Grandmaster mark Shards. You can get 3 Grandmaster Mark Shards per week. In order to get the one you want, you have to buy a box of Grandmaster marks for 10 Grandmaster mark shards.

So you need a total of 200 Grandmaster mark shards to buy 20 Grandmaster Marks. At a cap of 3 per week, that is around 67 weeks (or around 17 months) to farm a full legendary set in WvW?

Or is there another way to get the Grandmaster marks?

Noticed you can get them once per season from sPVP, is there the same time gate issue in sPvP?

The wiki seems misleading as it seems to indicate the major time gate is the claim tickets.

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Alternatively, you can get the Triumphant Hero's Exotic Armor, which doesn't require Grandmaster Marks, and then get the Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Ascended Armor, which also doesn't require Grandmaster Marks. You will be spending a lot more WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets and Memories of Battle though. You'll also need to be WvW Rank 2000 for the full set.

Triumphant Hero's Ascended Armor Full Set Requirements:

  • 13 Gold
  • 20 Grandmaster Marks
  • 1,310 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets
  • 1,500 Memories of Battle

Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Ascended Armor Full Set Requirements (Including Triumphant Hero's Exotic Armor unlock):

  • WvW Rank 2000
  • 13 Gold
  • 3,930 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets
  • 4,500 Memories of Battle

Personally, I went for the Mistforged. Of course, I made that decision at level 1500 and before Grandmaster Marks were part of the rewards.

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