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[Suggestion] More Options for Custom Music

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Hello! Firstly sorry for my english it's not my native but i think you will understand. So as topic says i would love to see more playlists that we can put custom music to. I like to download music from other games I played and throw it in to GW2 but there are only few playlists so for most time only music you marked as "Ambient" playlist is playing. There are other playlist like "NightTime" that activate only at night (on the other hand it seems this one is bugged becouse during night at PoF and HoT maps it still plays "Ambient" playlist so I would like to see it fixed too) , "Defeated" that activate when you dies, "City" for main races cities (In Lion's Arch it still plays "Ambient" don't know if thats intended), "Battle" if 3-4 mobs are attacking you or you are low on HP, "BossBattle" for boss fights, "MainMenu" for character choosing menu, "Underwater" well... underwater. So as I wrote I would love to see more playlists like for example "Dungeon" that would play in Dungeons, Fractals and Raids or split it even more for this three categories (I would like to hear some eerie omnious music inside fractal than nice calm songs from "Ambient" playlist) or "Shiverpeaks", "Magumma", "Desert", "Tavern" etc. So, hope you understood what i mean in this post and for A-Net I hope you will consider to give some love to custom music options for as much as I love GW2 themes I would also like to hear some songs from GW1 and other games to break out of routine.

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i actually want it expanded to it's full potential, so we can add environmental depending music in it.music in queensdale should be different from kessex hills and so forth, also being able to give every city it's own music expands to this.

i just think the simple playlist system doesn't work, the worst part is that the first track is always played out fully before you get the next track, completely destroying the function of a play list.

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