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Skill lags got worse in the last weeks


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Skill lags were always a thing in really big fights, but it got a lot worse since one of the recent patches. Until recently skill lags (the server side lags, not high ping or low FPS) were only a problem in really big three way fights with 60+ on each side. Now even smaller blob fights with 40vs40 are sometimes really laggy.It is not just annoying lag, but it makes the game unplayable as a not so tanky class and promotes the "numbers win" even more, as smaller groups can not outplay big groups because of the lag.

The lag was this worse a year or so ago, but then Anet changed some skills (Epidemic if I remember it correctly) and it got a lot better. Maybe its one specific skill again this time.Please look into it, as it makes WvW Zerg fights pretty much unplayable right now (at least in EU and primetime).

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