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Item won't equip from Novelty panel


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I put all of my toys, instruments, kites, tonics and held items into the new Novelties Panel and now I can't access them. I've selected some and put in the quick select and nothing. Am I doing something wrong? I've right clicked, left clicked, and double-clicked. I'm starting to regret moving them there. Any advice?

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One thing to note: chair novelty items can't be used where mounts are not allowed (Mistlock Sanctuary, home instances, jumping puzzles where mounts are disabled, etc.), even if the chair is in your inventory and hasn't been added to the wardrobe. This is due to chairs sharing functionality with the mount system.

Oddly, Mistlock Sanctuary is the only place I've seen a message pop up in the center of the screen letting me know I can't use that item when trying to use a chair. In home instances and other places, nothing happens at all when trying to use a chair where mounts can't be used.

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