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Looking for a SEA guild (PvE preferred)


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I'm a necromancer looking for an SEA (South East Asia) guild. I am in Darkhaven. I prefer to play PvE. I'm a new player so a casual guild first. My sibling may be joining as a Ranger class, she does not have much experience with games. I played many games and just started on this game. Thus, I am looking for a guild. Plz pm me if you are in such a guild.

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Not sure if everyone here is still wanting to join a SEA guild, but if you all are still interested, drop me a mail in game :)

[TLW][PvE][Casual]The Leong Warband (EU)Our guild functions around 2000-2300 @ GMT+8, with most of the activities revolving around WB/dungeons/fractals/achievement runs.We have a discord: https://discord.gg/YDBsRX too in case anyone is interested.

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