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[Solved] Please fix the way points from Mistlock Sanctuary

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@Nokomis.5076 said:Sometimes it helps when you switch the level of the map.

Specifically all the way to the lowest level, where you can even see where you are on the world map, on/above an island between Southsun and Claw Island.

EDIT: but even there, you cannot see all waypoints because of the same sort of limitation that means that you cannot see Ronan's Waypoint in the bottom of the Grove from outside the map.

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@ReActif.9251 said:Sanctuary = Level 4WP = Level 2At start it wasnt different level, so map arent mod for this

You read something a dev once said, but replied to the wrong post. This is not about why its broken but when it will be fixed.This can be fixed. If only old bugs gets a slice of devs attention between flashy skins releases in TP.

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@"Zaraki.5784" said:Still the second issue ("Not to mention being unable to click and go to a WP link from Sanctuary at all.") remains. And it's quite annoying.

This. Probably engine / map coding related but along with the loot pickup counting on the exact spot where the map controls are, crafting and then using the map in Mistlock is a pain and it feels like I paid for the privilege of getting annoyed on a daily basis :expressionless:


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