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Halloween beetle race was awesome!

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I would like to say a real thanks to whoever made the new beetle race for Halloween!

This is what adventures back at HoT should have been, guildies and friends trying to beat each others time for fun and glory and I have to confess I spend more time on the race track then doing other Halloween activities.

Enjoyed the natural progression from, how on earth you can do it, its not possible! To alright, I can drift and bam sub 1min! Followed by, if I saved my vigor skill I can get even better time!

I had fun didn't beat them in the end, but had my fun... will miss this race, will hope something like that will be added with future patches to the world.A criticism... for love of god don't start the race if there is only 1 player around or ask players if they want to race... it was a bit painful to waste time after having a awesome try.Also I do hope you will reset the timers each season... soo we have something to work again for each year and can feel rewards.

Because I need to share ofc :PDEwkv2M.png

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