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Hello PvP players


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Hiya everyone. I have questions regrading PvP. I’m fairly experienced in PVE aspects but I want to ask some PvP questions.

How does one roam? It looks super fun and I’ve seen videos. Is it through the wvw yacks bend place or the PvP lobby? What maps or areas are we allowed to roam and PvP.

Also how does one do server PvP I never see any lfgs for spvp or wvw groups in the lfg tab. I want to learn more about PvP and practice a bit and possible get into ranked matches.

I just don’t know where to really go to start pvping more.

Thanks all any and all advise or comments welcome.

Your friend Cyrp/Avendi

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Roaming is playing for small objective(sentry, camps, other individuals small groups on the other server, sometimes towers) it can happen in any borderland of WvW, or Eternal battleground. be aware while doing this you will get zerged to death and oneshot if you aren't careful. (even if you are careful)

No one uses LFG in WvW or PvP. join a guild, try to make a friend and play with them, even just saying something in map chat in the lobby for PvP or in the WvW might find you a group or guild invite. go into Heart of the mist either through the portal in lion's arch, or through the in game PvP menu.

I myself got into PvP through guild friends, they set me up with a build, showed me how to use it. for PvP you cant play ranked until you reach rank 20, which is done through unranked play.

best way I recommend to get started is talk to people you already know that PvP and see if they can help you. then again you can always go into a 1v1 server and learn how to PvP the hard way.

I am going to stop myself now before I go on for paragraphs.

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