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Concepts for; The Grandmasters, Legendary Relic Quest, and other stuff (Future Cantha Expansion)

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Hello Future citizen's of Cantha,

This post is a followup of my 1st post regarding Future Cantha Specialisations.https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/55318/concepts-for-specializations-future-cantha-expansion-pof-legendary-longbow#latestBear in mind; I didnt do research on the actual facts regarding lore/timetables etc. Its merely a "suggestive framework" to bind these idea's. Also grammar is meh.

The Grandmasters of Cantha. (not to be confused with the ones in LA tradingdistrict)From the beginning the Dev's have aimed to provide us with a Immersive gaming experience. "The Grandmasters" could take this a step further in the Cantha Expansion.Basicly; their NPC's(the equivilant of Rhytlock, logan, caithe, etc) that teach you the ways of your new Specialisation from start to finish.There's 9 Grandmasters; 1 for each class. Each having their own backstory, quirks/personality, and they all know each other in some manner.Aside from being the Player's personal Teacher they also introduce you to the new Cantha expansion through Your Personal Story.All Grandmasters originated from West Tyria; how they ended up in Cantha is tied to their own backstory(flashback cinematics?); but having learned the way's of Cantha society, culture; they be sure to help their new Student/friend.Through the Personal story they learn you new Masteries such as "Learning native Canthan Language" and "Canthan Mannerism" .This is kinda with the idea of going back to that immersive feeling we had of having a mentor/teacher like Tybalt. But expanding on that idea even further by integrating your new specialisation init.

At some point in the personal Story you reunite with the usual team (rhytlock, caith, etc). The grandmasters will still make appearances in Cantha Fractals/raids, LW chapters.

Example personalstory : On orders of X you are to travel across the great sea to Cantha, During your journey you are Assaulted by an Unknown Ship, On your own you make it to the shores of Cantha, you are confronted by attackers from the unknown ship, the fatique, dehydration, hunger has left you vulnerable with no chance of winning the fight, luckily; your Grandmaster witnesses the scene and comes to your aid, thus beginning your Cantha Adventure.FWx3bzu.pngAbove: example of 2 Grandmasters; each with their own unique style.

Legendary Relic Quest.When you have fully unlocked/mastered your new Specialisation; Your Grandmaster wants to see the "fruits of your labor" with his/her own eyes.In a 1 vs 1 match you face off against the Grandmaster; Only allowed to use the Cantha Specialisation. Prepare for a fearsome fight.The Grandmaster's A.I. adepts to the players input; choosing an alternative tactic to counter; forcing the player to switch tactics.It must be challenging but fair.If the player proves victorious; the Grandmaster will present you with a Graduation Gift; Its an old Relic of some sort; passed on from Grandmaster to Grandmaster.They were simply waiting for someone; "worthy" enough to receive it.

In its current state the relic is unuseable/dormant; and needs to be awakened/reignited./reforged.
Through Ancient historical you learn that only "The Celestial Blacksmith"can reforge this weapon.Only problem is; He exists in the Realm of the Celestials. This is the beginning of an intricate mission of collecting, investigations to gain accessto the Celestial Realm. Once inside; The Celestial Blacksmith will help you reforge the Relic.... IF you do him a few "small" favors. (hes kind of a jerk)wYUKel9.pngAbove: example Legendary Relic Quest.

The Cantha of now.(About Npc's, Factions, Kaineng City)Over the course of a Century; Cantha has changed significantly; But not in a way anyone would expect...It all began with the last known Canthan Emperor to many; Usoku. Feeling the limitations of his own excistence; the desire for an heir grew even larger.But there was a problem; Usoku was made Eunuch by the previous Emperor; who harbored a great Jealousy towards Usoku.The endless grieving of his wife, the predicament of leaving no continuing legacy behind.In his despair; Usoku asked the two known Saltspray Dragons Kuunavang and Albax for help.Their help did allow Usoku's wife to conceive a child; at a terrible price; forever changing Kaineng's City's destiny.

New Kaineng and the Sunken city.The sacrifice made by the two dragons resulted in a cataclysmic event wich gradually sunk the Original Kaineng city to the bottom of the sea.The chaos was great; Jade Brotherhood, Am Fah etc; it didnt matter who was on what side. Everyone was working towards one thing; surviving this ordeal.A fresh page was turned over with the arrival of the new Emperor. His birth was the beginning of many changes and this is reflected in the Cantha of today.With the help of the native Krait a new floating city was build above the old sunken one; New Kaineng.The Krait had suprisingly taken an interest in the new Emperor; believing him to be the incarnation of a legendary Krait warrior.nVuVTQP.pngAbove:The new and sunken city. And Krait from the sunken city trading with New Kaineng citizen.

Characters/Factions of Cantha next.(Excluding Kurzick/Luxons)

The Jade tigers.Under the guidance of a more Educated leader; the Jade Brotherhood and Am fah had merged; becoming an organisation known as "The Jade Tigers"A great portion of New Kaineng is runned by them; but they no longer do criminal activities. Their leader realized there was more profit to bemade by going into realestate and the entertainment industry for young and old. The old Am fah members act as the Jade Tiger security force; protecting assets of their benefactor.But within the organisation there's still some who miss the old ways of Blade and Dagger...cFIRDpM.pngAbove: 2 Jade tiger's; protecting an important Executive.

Children of Shiro.Led by an Enigmatic Masked individual; their goal is to engulf all of Cantha in Affliction and the resurrection of the one they worship; Shiro Tagachi.Not much else is known about them.IG0t6Ab.pngAbove: The masked Leader of "Children of Shiro".

The Dragon Emperor.(Son of the Saltspray Dragons)Usoku's wife conceived a child, but to Usoku's horror; its appearance was that of both a human and a dragon.Regretting the choice he made; he demanded this child to be cast into the Jade Sea; but his wife refused. So he banished them both from Kaineng.Later; This unwanted child would return to be the new Emperor... and unlike his father(who sunk with old Kaineng);he would accept all that would enter his land; regardless of their past, or appearance.His many deeds of heroism and benevolence has made him loved by many. Despite his looks; the Dragon Emperor has lived far longer then most.

Queen of the Tengu.Abducted as a Child by the Children of Shiro from a Norn town; she managed to escape in the dense Forests of Cantha; into Tengu territory.A place not even Fanatics dared to enter. It was not long before the Child was discovered by a Tengu hunters pack. Among them was the Chieftans Daughter; who had a curious nature.Rather then kill this child, she demanded it to be taken back alive; so she could examine it. This was the beginning of a beautifullSister-ish relationship. And this child ended up as the Leader of the Tengu in Cantha... somehow XDOKiXW7S.pngAbove: The Dragon Emperor & Queen of Tengu + servant.(they kinda act like a brother and sister)

2XJv47n.pngAbove: just a little extra: Krait Princess who rules over Sunken Kaineng. She kinda likes the Dragon Emperor XD (Pufferfish is not pleased)

The Shrines of Cantha.Originally creations of themselves; the people of Cantha started to make shrines. worshipping their depiction of a higher being that would give them comfort in these desperate times.But being a land of magic and Mystery; their strong convictions had began to materialize actual deities within each shrine; and aslong people have need of them/believe in them; they will remain in the land; serving the people of Cantha with their blessings.

On your travels through Cantha you'l encounter various shrines; with the locals offering prayers to their Deity's Shrine. They cannot see the Deity; but neither can you.Later you meet a Priest that tells you that; only those with a strong Soul can see a Shrine's Deity. After some quests you acquire "Spirit Mastery" from the Priest.This allows you to see, speak with a Shrine Deity. In exchange for helping the Deity (heartevent,quests,personal story) they will grant you their blessing/boon/mastery/vendor.The type of blessing depends on the Situation.For instance; Some area's wich have Afflicted soil can only be crossed if you possess a certain blessing.
The appearance for each Deity should be unique and with own personality.tHwWmVk.pngAbove: a Local praying at the Shrine; hoping to receive a Deity's blessing of protection, prosperity or fortune.

Raid: Urgoz Rest.This is available after completing the mainplot concerning the Children of Shiro; and serves as a definite conclusion.

Uptill now the Children of Shiro's hideout has eluded the Commander and his team.But now thanks to some "Sherlocking" they found a clue.You head back into what was once Urgoz Warren. The place is much more overgrown with foilage.Through a series of clue's/fights you encounter the 1st raid boss. Its appearance is that of Urgoz but with updated skills.After its defeat you learn it was merely a plant reanimated into the visage of Urgoz by Affliction; a distraction to scare outsiders off.You find a secret passage wich was hidden by the 1st raidboss. It leads to a hidden shipyard.

The player will reconize the symbols of the ships sails; The Children of Shiro.

You can see a fortified wall wich is unbreachable at 1st. By placing explosive powders from a nearby depot near the wall''s gate you gain access.Defeat 2nd raidboss. Behind the Wall are the training grounds. make your way to 3rd Raidboss; then obtain the Key from his/her Tent to open the nearby GateThat leads further underground; into a maze of Caverns, slippery slopes and falling spikes. The Children of Shiro have setup ambushes and traps.
The the slippery Cavern floor is replaced with carved out stair cases wich leads to an Eerie place; The Affliction research Facility.For many years; the Children of Shiro had conducted Experiments with affliction; testing it on creatures/people they've abducted.Fighting through failed "test samples"; you finally meet the next raidboss; assisted by 3 of the most powerfull afflicted ever created.Once defeated you navigate these dark corners of the facility. Having beated the main force you will face less Children of Shiro now.

You will have also noticed various creatures,people still trapped in cages around the Shipyard, training camp and facility; save all of them for a achievment.

Soon you reach a large open space. You see a path leading to a Large Pagoda. The Miniboss you encounter is someone you have come to trust during youradventures in Cantha. But it seemed he/she was a spy for the Children of Shiro all along; watching your every move. informing the their leader.You have a dramatic chat; trying to convince "your friend" this is not the way. But it matters not; you two will have to fight.After this you finally faceoff against the Mastermind and Leader of the Children of Shiro; inside the pagoda's inner Sanctum.In a cinematic the player sees the Raidboss's back; pickin up what seems to be his mask.But the mask seems diffrent; drawing a green energy from a Peculiar pedestal it rested on.

Leader Dialog: "You can't stop me.... commander. I shall become the vessel!"

The final boss has the same attacks he used when you fought him a few times in personal story/fractals.Every 10% less HP he becomes more powerfull, obtains new skills, gradually become more like Shiro Tagachi. Even his manner of speaking during the encounter changes.

The last 10% HP is like fighting the legendary Shiro tagachi himself; hes extremely deadly and unpredictable and enable to use enhanced versions of all the skills he had in gw1 Factions.At 0% the mask starts to crack; unable to contain Shiro's soul; both the mask and the soul contained init shatter. The volatile reaction sears the Mask into the face of Leader's lifeless corpse.;Leaving everyone to wonder who he really was.aycWfrW.pngAbove: A map layout of the Raid.

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