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The changes to runes & sigils would have been a great topic for the Arenanet Forum Chats this week!


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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Maybe it will be the Systems Team next time, when everyone has had time to assess the changes, and feedback has been considered, resulting in adjustments (should there be any).

Sure they can still do one about it later this month but if they would have done it between the official announcement and release, I am sure, it would have drawn quite a bit of attention towards the AFC in general.

Now we have dev comments of this all over the place, some on reddit, some here.

Could also have been an opportunity to address their intentions behind they way the new sink for nullification sigils was introduced with the last episode, which seems to have been a big topic around here up until now.

After all, it looks like they already knew that they will be adding a crafting recipe for the null sigils in november when episode 4 released.

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I think the issue with the Localization Q&A was the fact that it's very hard to ask questions about such a topic. I had a few questions but they're by far the least fascinating thing to talk about. I agree that this discussion would have been a much better thing to talk about and would have pushed hype around it.

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