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I'm taking the challenge: Viper Renegade in PvP


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And I'm new to Rev. Anyone here got a guide to min-maxing conditions, condition uptime, and denying the target time to cleanse or fight back? Any builds? Suggestions? Really looking for tips.

My build for now is:

Mace/Axe with Sigil of Battle and Sigil of AgilityShortbow with Sigil of Doom and Sigil of ExposureRune of the Nightmare and Viper Amulet

Corruption with Venom Enhancement, Abyssal Chill, and Diabolic InfernoInvocation with Fierce Infusion, Spirit Boon, and Song of the MistsRenegade with Ashen Demeanor, Heartpiercer, and Lasting Legacy

One combo is to do Shortbow 5 while in Assassin, using Phase Traversal, swapping to Demon, then swapping to Mace/Axe (to get all weapon swaps), then Mace/Axe combo of 5-2-3-4.

Another combo is to just go in with mace/axe while in assassin, then use phase traversal, swap to demon, then spam banish enchantment.

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I was just running viper renegade, but with malix and kalla. It was pretty lols. Sure I would go down right away, but I had a few moments where I simply melted people. Usually during a malix.

Looking back, I'd probably had a bit more success with shiro instead of kalla, since you can evade more and teleport. But there was some funny moments where I would be 3v1 and the chain interupts of kalla would allow me to get the down first. Of course, I had no sustain to follow up with, so I would down often, but it was really fun to see how much I could burst. And I went rune of the mad king fyi. So I had some extra damage options in kalla. (And frankly, it really messes with thiefs and mesmers, but more thiefs)

Honestly, it's a bit of fun, but I lost every match I was in... Although one was very close and I got at least a couple top stats each time. (But frankly that doesn't require a great build).

It works a bit better in this meta, since there is so much power damage, people tend to lack condi cleanses. The classes I would down the fastest were dh and thief. I think they want to save their condi cleanse, but the initial burst catches some players by surprise. Even me, I didn't expect that jumping into all a dh traps and condi bombing him would end with him going down first if he doesn't activate his f3.

I'm still praying they improve shortbow... It's such a terrible weapon that lacks any mobility or defenses. There are still moments you need some range with this type of build, so I needed to run it, and it helped in some situations, but it's a death sentence most of the time. (Although, catching a thief on his shadowstep return with a #5 skill into an elite skill feels really good. They need to change the skill 2 and 3, and maybe do something smaller with skill 4.

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