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[NA] Multi looking for chill casual raid/prog static, weekends preferred.


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As the title says.

My current guild has recently started elbowing me out of higher end / progression based raiding and I'm not getting the play time I really wanted, so I'm moving on to bigger and better things. When I voiced my concern I was basically told "lul, get a static", so here I am, doing just that. I'm looking for a group on either Friday evenings or weekends, friendly, chill, and fun to participate in. I'd consider an active PVX guild at this point, too, since I have very little reason to want to stick around with my current one. I have Teamspeak and Discord for coms, though I don't talk that much because shyness is a thing.

I play several classes/roles, with the intent to learn more down the road. Right now, though, I play Heal Tempest, Condi Scourge, Barrier Bae Scourge (Support..), Power Reaper, Condi+Power Soulbeast, and Power Holosmith (which I don't get much practice with because healer jail's as real as chrono jail apparently lol). I have a geared condi PS warrior, condi mirage, druid, and minstrel chrono I don't know how to use but definitely plan to learn someday, for sure. I try to follow current meta builds as best I can.

As for experience, I've done everything but Dhuum and Qadim, excluding CMs of everything else. I have some experience kiting Cairn, Kenut (if that's considered kiting...), and a little experience being the oil kiter for ranged Deimos. Like I said, I want to learn more.

If I sound like someone you want in your static, drop me a line in game at Caitmonster.9036 or here on the Forums. ^^

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