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EU Player Looking for Guild Casual to start with. currently on Whiteside Ridge server


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Hi there I played GW2 from the start but have been away for a few years and just getting back into it.Looking for a Friendly guild to quest withHave used most forms of VOIP in the past so have no problem being online and chatting.Time zone GMT so would prefer guild in that or similar timezone


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Noot Noot Viperius,

If you find you haven't managed to waddle yourself into a guild yet.

Let me show you a bit about the guild I manage "The Arctic"https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/50393/eu-pvx-the-arctic-a-place-to-chill-and-noot-together#latest

Have a look, think about all the tasty fish we offer and we hope you consider joining the igloo, its warm when we are all together!

OldManPinguBTW we are mostly GMT =]

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