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Desert Magics: All 4 Gen 2 Legendary Collections, Near impossible to complete due to dead map

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Hello Arenanet,So I have a problem with this requirement that basically require you to obtain 1000 bandit crests.The amount doesn't sound that bad but its impossible to achive this goal with dead maps like SW.

Right now I'm working on Nevermore but I've already completed HOPE and I had to spend and entire week to wait for players to actually join this map so I can obtain the most of the currency by completing the meta and this was a lucky week.This time I'm working on another legendary and I want to do the Axe,SB as well sometime in the future.I don't want to waste my free time that I almost never have to just stand in an empty map hoping that someone will actually join so I can get this currencyThis is really frustrating to just wait until players join and its really annoying there aren't any other ways to easily obtain it.Small events and bandit chests gives you almost nothing(2~5 I think)The meta is the only way to actually obtain it easily.

I don't want the collection to be removed, In matter of fact I 100% support it and I hope to see more collections like this in the future.But this one requirement literally asks you to get something that you cannot get without the help of the community, and by community I mean tons of players not just a couple of friends.

Take notice this is the only issue hereThe geodes in Dry Top are also hard to get since events don't give you as much but Dry Top is at least almost always full when I join the map so its not that bad, I don't mind grinding it there I'm also at least enjoying playing there(Even though I hate Dry Top so much)

Is there any possible way to change this requirement into something else? even to another mat that will be a gold sink I really don't care about that

And thank you,P.S: Sorry for my bad english in this post

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@"InvaGir.9158" said:dead maps like SW.

Silverwastes isn't anything close to dead. Even during Halloween, I found groups farming it (although fewer since there was an even-easier alternative). Use the LFG to find a RIBA map (the main thing you need to know: those maps are nearly guaranteed to complete all the underground events & kill the Vinewrath after).

Other ways to farm bandit crests:

  • Map completion: 100 per character.
  • PvP or WvW reward tracks (both have "easy" dailies you can do without knowing anything about the game mode).
  • More tedious: with the right build, you can solo cap Red and escort the yaks, and then defend it. It's not as quick as getting an organized map, but it's not that bad either, considering the end goal.

Dry Top also offers geodes from map completion, uses the same reward track, and offers a bunch of soloable events (although of course, the organized maps are the best, because higher tiers end up rewarding more geodes during sandstorm events).

As a side note, it's mathematically inevitable that the first map you find is the emptiest. By definition, you won't randomly enter a soft-capped map (one that approaches capacity). And you cannot get into a full map. Those familiar with LFG will leave the maps they are on, heading towards the soft-capped ones (making them hard capped). That means that the first map you find isn't random; it's the one that everyone else is leaving.

Or more simply: use LFG to find the more populated maps.If there aren't any, start your own, so that like-minded folks find your map.

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I spend hours in the map and it doesn't always have enough players to reach the VinewarthIn truth I was lucky to do it at least 3 times this weekend but it still active enough.Collectiong 1k BC is going to be a challenge to me unless they change the requirement but it doesn't matter for me anywaysI've decided to postpone my collection for Nevermore and craft HMS Divinity for my DE instead because I main this character.

Thanks however for everyone for all the juicy information:)

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