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[MR] - Henge of Denravi #1 RP Guild NA


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@"Hitman.5829" said:Perma boon spammers and necros vs noobs. Just look at the boons, they never drop below 5 on average! And the health is always 80%+.Nothing to see here folks, just another "Look how we gank noobs with the meta perma boon spam firebrands..."


We are not even running meta. Complaining about boons in a boon rip meta makes you sound clueless. Everything nowadays boon rips or converts it to condi etc etc. Also, when you say "gank" do you even realize how that makes you look? 99.9% of gamers would call 10 people jumping 1 being "ganked". You're the first person I have seen call a 5man team fighting 15+ and winning "ganking them ". I mean we haven't played this game in over a year as a group and just got back...you gotta come with something actually good and somewhat accurate if you will try to trash talk. It's not our fault that the average 2018 wvw player think's and acts like you /shrug. Game 6 years old...sit down wvw and be quiet like a good dog o7

To the others checking it out...hope you all enjoy it we just messing around having fun with what is left of wvw. We just getting back to game and plan to make more vids. See you guys around if you end up fighting Hod. o7

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