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What are your favorite Ranger Team compositions


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Still new to the game (almost 1 month now =)), I'm really enjoying Soulbeast roaming in WvW and I'm gaining a better understanding of the class and I'm so proud of myself anytime I beat Holosmith or Necro 1v1.

I'm really interested in SPVP, I've only been pugging, but I'm starting to develop some real synergy with people I've never even worked with before.

I wanted to know some ideal team comps I should look to make for 5v5.I can think of a lot of information to include with my limited knowledge, but hopefully(professions builds and for both myself and my teammates, tactics, roles), you experienced players have much more.

Long form, TL:DR, videos you can point to, just as much or as little you can add will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

EDIT: Don't feel like you need to limit this to Soul Beast for my sake, I'm still trying to find out what I like playing most and I think this will be really beneficial to the Ranger community as a whole.

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