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Trading Post 2 QoL requests

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Now, one of these will sound silly, but here me out before you boo it.

I have one qualm with the TP, and one thing thats just a silly QoL.

firstly, about selling lots of stuff.Quite often, you will sell something to the highest buyer, and be met with the message "your item was listed".What, no. I don't wanna list it, I want to sell it right now, not in the near future. I might need the money now, not then.So, when a buyer disapears for whatever reason, the sale should be cancelled, not listed.in some cases there's a short wait, as the highest bids are quite close together, but some items sell not as fast, and then you have to withdraw the items from the listing and sell it again, paying the 10% tax twice.

The other one, the silly one, is about lacking funds for a sale.Sometimes I do bulk sales, and I end up being unable to pay the listing fees.In this case, wouldn't it be nice if you could go in the red?I mean, you keep selling stuff, and you go into red (a debt to the trading post) and then when you pick up any money in the depository, the debt is substracted from it.

addendum: Of course, it would even be better still if upon an immediate sale, the whole 15% is substracted from the deposited money, instead of having to pay the 10% tax up front. That would make it easier for acounts with less gold to sell expensive items.Now, I remember when I crafted a legendary, I needed to grind another 3 weeks for gold, just for the priviledge of being allowed to sell the weapon.

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