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Ellutherius Wintergust (legendary bounty) won't start

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry, but I have to agree here. This bounty almost never appears and I'm looking for it most days, and moreover, groups very seldom happen to take down a legendary bounty, probably tied to the lack of bounty being available, but also due to dead maps. Once Ellutherius is defeated and you can talk to him to progress the Speak in Riddles achieve, you can only progress one question at a time before a daily reset, and because of the abovementioned problems, that can take weeks.

The mechanics surrounding his appearance seem to be too specific and/or rarely occurring. We're not on the game all day every day waiting for the bounty to pop so I think it's unjustified that people should have to wait this long for a legendary bounty and the achievements tied to it.

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