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[Question] Bikini Armour! when? :)

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@Magicienne Endormie.5182 said:

@Magicienne Endormie.5182 said:It's not a contradiction to me. If you can't see why it relies on who makes the choice, it just means we have different opinions about it. :)

Sure, to an individual who thinks no responsibility comes with empowerment, no contradiction exists here...

To those individuals who understand "With great power comes great responsibility", espousing empowerment while absolving responsibility when that empowerment has adverse effects in certain circumstances shows a lack of maturity and exhibits a contradiction when removing that responsibility.

@Magicienne Endormie.5182 said:I'm sorry if I offended someone here. I did say I would oversimplify because I was trying to make it really short. However, your wording is poor too, because it's really not the actions of a few men. That's what Me Too taught us. It's not A FEW men. Believing that is the reason why those NOT FEW men can still continue to do what they do without being bothered. I don't know what you mean by talking about "constant victimization" and facts that somehow demolish it but it makes you sound like someone who doesn't listen when women talk about very real societal problems (I'm not attacking you, just saying how it sounds like to me).

Mmm, we'll have to just disagree then. MeToo is a witch-hunt. Sure, it's show that there are unseely men in certain powerful and prominent positions, but that is factually and proveably a minority of a minority of men (that is, a percent of a percent).

Your language ("men can still continue to do what they do without being bothered") demonstrates to me you aren't interested in hearing facts and you don't mind if innocent individuals suffer consequences. That's fine, but like I said, don't play the victim (or defend the victim) while you make innocent victims in the process. It's hypocritical.

And you don't know what I'm talking about with "constant victimization"? You're doing it now. Conflating certain behavior to sexual harassment (dressing a female avatar up to be sexy? er mer gerd the wimmins!1), inflating percieved statistics based on mere anecdote (it's NOT a few men! it's so MANY men, we need to hold ALL men accountable!).

One issue is, women say they want to be heard when they talk about these things but NO ONE is silencing them. No one is telling them they can't...but at the same time, they refuse to listen to the other side of the coin. Listening AND understanding is a two-way street and you don't get understood without listening on your part.

@Magicienne Endormie.5182 said:Anyway, you're right that I phrased it poorly so I'll try to make it clearer: when I said men as a group harass women as a group, I'm talking about numbers. It doesn't mean 'all men harass all women', it means that most sexual harassments are committed by men to mostly women and that most women have been sexually harassed at least once in their life, which means it's a social and gendered issue. That's what it means. No man should take it personnally unless they are one of those men or know one of them and did nothing about it.

Oh please...

At least you admit you phrased it poorly (I didn't phrase anything poorly, though). But like I said, I predicted what you meant and it's still faulty when you consider what sexual harassment is and how the definition of such has changed. I'm certain women face unique difficulties in their day-to-day but don't pretend no one cares...while on the other side of the coin ignoring some egregious acts that women commit against men that are simply ignored or worse, normalized.

Wow, everything you said was wrong. I am no longer going to discuss with you because it's no longer a matter of opinion here (also it's not the subject of this thread). That you think that Me Too is a witch-hunt just shows how you don't understand anything about the subject. If you really wanted to educate yourself, there are many studies out there about kitten culture, sexual harassment, kitten, etc. that would provide you with facts and numbers. Have a good day.

I'm intrigued you believe I'm new to this subject.

I certainly wouldn't suggest you "educate" yourself on this subject, but rather expose yourself to other viewpoints. Look up Karen Straughan in your free time.

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Nice can of worms. Has anybody mentioned how theres no "ugly" people in Tyria, only supermodels? Just thinking about that for no reason >:p

Anyway, while im a fan of some good cheesecake the problem is that any kind of bikini chainmail is just...silly. If the kind of armor pictured in the op would be ingame id go "Ehehhe hey Beavis" first and then "Wait thats really stupid" a split second later each time. This isnt Tera where everyone is an elf poledancer or something

Actual bikinis, eh why not. There was a similar thread here (or maybe reddit) with some concept art of swimwear and one of em was some kinda competition suit with some sort of feather bola collar, looked actually really nice. Of course youd have alot of people running around in their underwear then. And Anet would make alot of money for sure XD

EDIT: If chainmail bikini armor where in the game, of course it would need to be both genders. Gimme those chainmail thongs on big manly norns

Also actually found that relatively quick: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/49422/swimsuit-outfits

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When I read "kitten culture", I thought of cute kitties wearing adorable armor, with those fluffy little boots, yeah? (Although I know what it was meant to say, it still is a funny mental image..)

On topic: I couldn't wear half the stuff my characters wear because I have stupidly low self esteem and would die of embarrassment were I to attempt to wear something like the Elonian Elementalist outfit. In game, I don't have to worry about it. If people like the look, good, if not, I don't care; I don't play this game to benefit other's aesthetics. Video games are my release, not my prison. :/

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I'm going to deviate wildly from the in depth conversation going on in the rest of this thread to instead say: I think chain mail bikinis are boring, but I would not mind seeing some more revealing armor, if this meant we could get something like the Scar Pattern Armor from the original Guild Wars. I personally thought it looked cool on both male and female characters, especially to use for mix and matching armor pieces. I think these would would let some people have their bikini look, while also adding more variety to the options that we already.

The monks' various tattoo armors could also be nice to have as well, since I know a lot of people would like tattoos on non-norn characters. The one issue I see there being with these is how to make it work on charr. I was hoping it could work the way the gw2 tribal set does and it could simply look like paints on them.




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I'm really glad the bikini armor is the same skin for males and females. I have no issue with sexy gear by itself--but I DO have an issue when ONLY females are sexualized. Armor like this gives the best of both worlds--people who want battle-bikini-babes can have their skin, AND it's done in a way that isn't demeaning. 

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If we ever get an proper bikini or swimsuit I'd actually prefer it to be an outfit, because then I could switch to it quickly when I'm on a beach or swimming, kind of like how the game will automatically hide your armour when you're on the beach in Southsun or put on diving goggles (using your underwear as swimwear). I have a few outfits I use like that already, including the arctic explorers outfit which I use because as silly as it sounds seeing my characters running around in the snow in what they normally wear makes me feel cold.

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