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Halloween crafting material conversion

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I want to ask if there is currently any possibilities to trade the lower tier Halloween festival materials (Plastic Fangs, Nougat Center, and Chattering Skull) into the higher tier materials (High-Quality Plastic Fangs, Tyria's Best Nougat Center, and Gibbering Skull) now that Halloween is over and the Candy Corn Vendors are gone and Sonders the Seller only trades Candy Corn from the Halloween list.I personally still have enough to trade and it's just taking up unnecessary space.

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@Tanner Blackfeather.6509 said:Selling 1000 Nougat Centers will net you 2.5 gold. For that, you can Buy Now 4 Tyria's Best Nougat and still have some silver to spare. Same for Plastic Fangs -> High Quality Plastic Fangs.Chattering Skulls are the same, except you can buy 5 Gibbering Skulls.

Vendor selling is definitely the way to go at the moment. If the prices on the higher tier mats increase significantly, then you may want to hang onto the lower-tier mats to upconvert them next Halloween.

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