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[NA][PVX] Vengeance Looking For Members 18+

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Vengeance is a growing 18+ guild looking for members to fill our roster for every aspect of the game.Current membership # 150+

We are a tight knit guild, with players not only in GW2 but in other games as well, that is looking to grow our family. There are no fancy interviews or application for GW2, just send me a message that you're interested and I'll reply with a guild invite.

What we do:

FractalsMultiple Fractal groups in EVERY tier.

RaidsCurrently 2 raid groups, forming a third.

PvPTraining sessions in our private arena, unranked and ranked matches

WvWCurrently training members to WvW (server specific)

OtherWeekly guild missions, waypoint trains, hero point trains, map completion groups

We train players on every aspect of the game so if you do not have experience then we will work with you.

Discord is used for guild events. We do not require you to have a mic as long as you listen in.

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to send me a PM, reply here or join our discord!

Discord@ https://discord.gg/rrz8BV3

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I am looking for a guild. I am Australian and play on NA server.I have a question or two.Does this guild help with things like.. Get the highly elusive and apparently very, very shy griffon mount? I have been stuck at the Corrupted facet and the two elon events for over a month.
Second question is there and age restriction? I am 63. I have been gaming for what seems a life time.TIA

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