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Looking for a guild


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Got a little tired of freelancing by myself so I thought it is time to look for a guild.Casual player in his 40sGot a level 80 Necro/Reaper, Ranger/Soulbeast, Revenant, Warrior, Guardian/Dragon Hunter, Mesmer/MirageEuro Time zone Weekends and Monday to Friday on demand past 6 pm gmt.I prefer PvE but would like to PvP on occasion, currently on my Way to playthrough HoT .

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Hi Volctronius,

Hoping I can talk to you a little bit about our guild!

The Arctic is a PvX community guild who strive to get the most out of the game and the players we positively can!

We do not have a standard set of “rules” that we work to but rather an ethos! Everyone is equal and everyone will bring something different to the igloo. We do however ask our penguins to be at least 18 years or older and to leave any “Elitist” attitudes you may have at the door. (More is explained on our discord)

We do not require you to represent us (but please feel free), we simply ask that you join in, have a chat, join in with the events and our other members, but most of all to have fun and find that close knit community that you were looking for.

A little background of the guild! – We use Discord for our day to day lives as well as our PvP runs, PvE events, WvW zergs and Raids & Fractals. Feel free to join us I will send an invite link in a private message to you. If you fancy joining our penguins in the many other games they play please go ahead!

All of our officers really do hope you will enjoy the Arctic, we are a group of indivudals who have come together to create this friendly place where you can meet people, get advice and tips and generally have a great time! We look forward to see all you Nooters in game and hope that the Arctic can continue to grow to become a home for many more penguins.

Our discord can be found belowhttps://discord.gg/q2gMepW

We are a community of avid gamers who love the company of each other and we strive to be the best we possibly can, if you need anymore information please just give me a bell.



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