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Warrior build help


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To avoid being a pain for others, i would need few advices about builds for fractals and raids. Let's start with the fractals, atm i got BS, but it seems many parties requires SPB, so which one would be better?As for the raids, well, i don't know that much which build is the best for that. Any guides for some good build? Like which weps would be good, which alternative weps, which skills, which runes and so on.

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@"NEOCROM.8957" said:For the Meta part, so no BS or SPB there, only normal warrior. So that build would be the "best" for fractals? As for the raids, same stuff there? Banner slave build? So we are kinda stuck at a support role?

The dmg is nothing to scoff at.Its very good.

Check out the rotations on snowcrows, you are actively doing constant and solid dps.

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