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Game won't launch [Resolved]

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Recently started playing again, on a laptop.

Acer Aspire E 15,Intel Core i5-8250U,GeForce MX150,8GB RAM Memory

I did update my graphics card drivers today, and now when I try to start the game from the launcher nothing happens, the launcher simply closes.

I uninstalled Geforce Experience, and have been trying to repair the game client but it keeps freezing/not responding within the first 10% or so. I also went into the appdata folder and deleted the guild wars 2 folder in case there were any settings there causing issues.

Wondering if the next step would try to go back to the prior graphics card drivers?

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Thanks a lot for updating your thread to mention you'd resolved the issue with a driver patch roll-back. I've seen that a lot, through the years. So many comments, in fact, that I don't get the updates when they first come out, but wait for a bit until I figure the driver update has been bug-fixed and is suitable for human consumption. :D

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