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[EU] LFG PvE Dungeon/Raids


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Hello, I'm a fairly newish player, in the sense that i bought the game at launch and never really played past lvl 20. Now i'm completely fed up with my current MMO so i thought I give GWs a serious try. And to do that I am looking for a guild to ask loads of questions in.

I just leveled myself up to 80 and am steadily completing storied content. Once I'm done with that or maybe even during I'd like to try multiplayer content with. Mostly dungeons at first.my main is a ranger and picked up the two new expansions, I'm looking at playing a druid build, but I'm pretty much open to play any build. I watched a fair amount of youtube guides but I'm still pretty ignorant about things that should be common knowledge for veteran players, things like what suffix on gear i should go for or even whats the most efficient way to aquire set gear.

Also I am interested in raiding once i get my bearings gear wise. I'm open for 1-3 days a week if possible.If you feel like i'd be a good addition to your roster you can contact me ingame: Moonwired.5748 or on discord Moonwired #7452.or just leave a comment here.


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Hello. I’m not sure if I could be what you’re looking for, but I’m a new player lvl 80 elementalist. You can join the guild I made, and I am trying to expand it check out this link: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/61394/join-a-new-guild-guardians-of-the-dragon-tomes-aura-aurora-glade-eu-pvx-semi-hardcore#latest

If you’re looking to learn for a veteran I can’t help you, but if you want to play the game with a friend, then maybe I’m your guy.

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