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Old titles handed afterwards for last season?


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Yes i saw a lot of ppl now with way higher ranks than they never could get before in season end. Ofc because they got double carried. 1. by duo q and 2. by anet made half of the anyway little pvp community not playing the last season, because nothing to go for and then handing ranks afterwards to the few ppl doing enough games. This is like making the biggest joke out of pvp rewards. Titles had very little value in the end of forelast season anyway but now... its like anet clearly wanna state that they hate pvp or why they do everything to make the biggets joke out of pvp rewards possible? I'm normally not one of the complaining about everything and stating the pvp is dead type of player but i feel pranked asf and i don't get why no one else is complaining. Player get higher title than they deserve by skill only by playing in a dead season, great.Its like an april fool, to tell ppl there will be no titles and then after season ends add them to the few ppl did enough games... i mean wtf... i'm done and i'm so sad that i ever wasted time to get some title long ago in the first season where they still meant a little bit if you got it without wintrading... Ty anet for pranking your few pvp player left. You have one less now. What do they take me for?

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