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HoT Hit Point core build


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Good day,

I was curious what build do people recommend for leveling through HoT to collect Hero Points? It feels like Core is a bit low in DPS. However it's been years since I really focused on Enginner. I'm looking for a core build to run through HoT with.

Any recommendations for a build to solo HPs? Much appreciated.


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Well, for corebuild id use bombs/granades/flamethrower.Its not a relaxed build to play with tripplekits, but it gets the job done faster and adjusts your fingers to kitdancing which you will need as core or scrapper.. sometimes as holosmith too..Powerbuild is probably stronger (faster) than condi, but both works decent. Drop smokebomb on clumped up enemies and dump every hard hitting ability you´ve got.

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Inventions, Explosives, Firearms,

Inventions;Overshield; works in conjunction with Anti-corrosion plating to give you two condition clears off of shield skills(which grant protection thanks to Over Shield.)

Experimental Turrets; works in conjuntion with turrets to give you boons- Thumper turret(hot bar turret and the one included in Elite Skill Supply Drop granted condition clearing via protection thanks to anti-corrosion.

Anti-corrosion Plating; Any time you aply protection to yourself or your allies you clear conditions. Useful because HoT mobs apply lots of conditions.


Blasting Zone; More power, clast finishers grant might but mainly for extra power.

Big Boomer; More vitality(health) and ferocity(Crit severity) based on your power.

Minesweeper; You'll be dodging a lot, having three mines instead of just one will help with many things especially packs of mini raptors.


Sanguine Array; You'll be inflicting bleeding a lot might as well boost both condition damage and power regardless of your gear with this.

No Scope; The other two traits at this tier are good if you go heavier into conditions but if skewed more toward a power build the higher crit chance from fury and the crit severity from ferocity won't hurt.

Juggernaut; It's good if you use the flamethrower for the purpose of stability(Hot mobs love to yank and throw and shove) but flamethrower isn't a catch-all kit because the damage still isn't that great even with a power build. The extra might duration is a good thing though even if you aren't using flamethrower because you'll still be inflicting bleeds- whether via pistol, elixir guns, or just plain critical strikes.

For Armour;

Take a set from the black lion exchange with Marshall's stats - Power, Precision, Healing Power, Condition Damage. It's not super tanky but the trait in Explosives will help with this- when at all possible dodging is still the superiour option. The benefit here is that it's the Armour of loot from the latest expansion. It's a solid generalist set, and there's lots of it so the price is relatively low for what it gives you- and this IS just for getting through HoT right? Put Traveler's runes on it because regardless of whether you're gliding or not you're still going to be doing a lot of running. A little of everything and some much needed boon and condition duration and all the time 25% running speed sweeten the pot. They're also still relatively cheap. For now.

Weapons; Same deal if you're able to find a pistol and a shield with Marshall's on them just search the exchange for the weapon category you want with Power, Precision, Healing as the focus. That should call them up.

Sigils; you could go with Fire and Air or an on-swap sigil if you're using a lot of kits but a solid bet here is for a Sigil of Frailty, and an Earth Sigil. Frailty will inflict Vulnerability. It's on a low cooldown- two seconds I believe for an effect that lasts ten on your target. Thanks to Explosives, passives you'll do an additional chunk of damage against anything affected by Vulnerability- regardless of where it comes from. More damage.

Earth Sigil inflicts bleeding with good regularity and it's also on a relatively low cooldown. Thanks to firearms you'll be gaining some might every time that happens on top of what you're already getting from crits and other weapons/kits autoattacks.

Jewelry accessories. Berserk, Assassins, or Rampagers(if you want more condition damage and criticals to round out your rating from the armour) as most people tend to buy these when wanting to make a damagey set in the early goings and so you might have a set of this lying around already.

This set up should give you a decent amount of power to get what you need done and the might should supplements this. the bit of healing from the armour and weapons will help, your healing turrets, your healing kit, your elixir shot and the assorted belt skills that go with those to keep both yourself alive as well as help NPCs and other players out during meta events. You should have enough critical percent chance to reliably proc your sigils too.

Pistol and shield are mainly for the protection and distance gaining from shield four's knockback, you'r main damage is going to come from whatever kit you decide to use. HEaling turret is solid but if you party up there's benefits to medkit. If you don't want to bring Flamethrower to the party Elixir gun is good second choice, if you want stability without the Flamethrower go with Elixir U, and then lastly go with thumper turret for the protection and the cripple to control fights and then round it out with Supply drop for a stun and all the goodies that come from Experimental turrets.

Nothing I put here is set in stone(play what's fun for you) but it's a good foundation to build from. Hope you have fun in HoT.

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I've just recently returned to game since like 2013 myself. Engi was always my favorite class. So far I've been playing as a Scrapper really love the aesthetic and idea behind it. Don't have it maxed out yet but been utilizing Inventions/Alchemy/Scrapper with the healing elixir, power elixir, and then rocket and rifle turrets. Been running cleric's gear with scrapper runes may not be the best but it works for me. Only trouble I have stumbled on hero points is the Hylek Champion in the first zone.

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