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Guild Wars 2 Jargon


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The hardest thing about getting into any sort of forum and being new to the game is the plethora of jargon and acronyms used.

For example, I have no idea what "kitten" means at all when used. A few weapon acronyms pop out like GS for greatsword, but wow. There is a lot of shorthand and special jargon out there. What's a good place to start to learn or maybe some important ones. Like kitten. I am guessing its some sort of charr insult maybe or something after I saw it used once in game in that action. Here I am not sure.

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"Kitten" is the word that is automatically substituted for any profanity in a post. Many people use it deliberately as a substitute for whatever profane or vulgar word they wish. A few acronyms I can think of off the top of my head:DH- Dragon HunterFB- FirebrandZerk- Berserker (usually in reference to equipmen t with the berserker stats)Rev- RevenantEle- ElementalistLB- LongbowThat's all I can think of right now. There's certainly more, but my head is to focused on sleep to think.

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Here are some of them that I find interesting and gw2-exclusive lol

  • BS warrior - Banner Slave warrior (group content/buff build)
  • Thinking Man Scourge - heal support scourge that is super helpful, especially in some raid encounter and if people get downed occasionally. Don't let the name fool you, it's a super easy support build to play!
  • "By Ogden's Hammer!" - this is a spammy quote by one of the NPCs in old Lion's Arch. Usually used as an expression of surprise. Full quote followed by "What a saving!".
  • The bag opener - that one toon/char that you only level to a certain level just to open bags so you can get valuable material from a range of level-specific loot table
  • The key runner - toon that you level weekly to complete the level 10 personal story to get a free Black Lion Key then delete it. Some people level em further up to lvl 40 I think
  • Key farming - the weekly process that a key runner toon has to endure
  • Palawadan/GH - farming method in living world season 4 episode 1 map, Domain of Istan. Name based on 2 locations where the meta events happen.
  • Meta events - can be used loosely term. Either indicating a whole chain of connected events or only the final stage of such chain events.
  • Boss/Meta timer - schedule of some meta events that is accessible on wiki and can be accessed easily from in game by typing "/wiki et"

BonusMount unlock run: a term that I came up with lol. Used when I go to low lvl area and offer low level new/returning players who own PoF to unlock raptor mount. Always tell them about the spoiler ahead (which is quite small and most new players won't even understand what's going on) and that the raptor is account-wide unlock. Usually we all meet up at Shaemoor WP and use LA portal in Divinity's Reach.

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CC is a pretty common one these days. If you see someone yelling CC!!! it's because a boss mechanic requires crowd control attacks in order to defeat it efficiently. You can usually tell when you need CC when an enemy's health bar has a blue bar underneath it.

A few others:

  • LF/LFG/LFM: Looking for, Looking for Group/guild. Usually posted up in map chat when a player needs some bodies for a dungeon or event.
  • HP: Hero Point. Sometimes has a combat event associated with it to complete, awards hero points to a player for use in acquiring combat skills later.
  • Train: A group that has a singular purpose that involves multiple themed events/goals. An HP train, for example, will go through a map and hit all of the Hero Points.
  • "Watch the ledges!" "PANIC" "There's something in the water" "Watch for donuts" "Wait for third bite": These are memes. They come from catchphrases heard during boss battles and are sometimes based on mechanics used during those battles. If it sounds like nonsense, it's probably this.
  • P1/P2/Story: This usually refers to a particular path in a dungeon, with 'story' being the basic path that tells the 'story' of said dungeon.
  • WP/WP if dead: Waypoint, used to travel around the map or revive yourself if your character is totally dead. Sometimes during an event or battle, a group will ask people to WP if they've died, as dead bodies can scale up an enemy/event and make it harder to beat.
  • EXP/XP Only: Experienced players only. Sometimes people will include this in an LFG message if they want to quickly run a dungeon or complete an event. Experience usually means you've done the content before and have some idea of what you're doing.
  • Buff/Debuff: A condition applied to your character that helps you (buff!) or hurts you (debuff)
  • AR: Agony Resistance. Fractals are pain and suffering. Agony is a debuff applied in higher tier fractals which deals constant damage to you over time unless you have agony resistance to protect you. Fractals - Because misery loves agony.
  • Condi/Power/Zerk/etc.: Shorthand for the different stats you can put on your gear. Some people coordinate the stats to make 'builds' based around them, and the builds are often referred to as things like 'Condi Mesmer' or 'Power Ranger' (Yeah).
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@"AgentMoore.9453" said:

  • WP/WP if dead: Waypoint, used to travel around the map or revive yourself if your character is totally dead. Sometimes during an event or battle, a group will ask people to WP if they've died, as dead bodies can scale up an enemy/event and make it harder to beat.

More to the point, reviving / rezzing (resurrecting) a dead player takes much longer than doing it for one who is merely "downed", probably longer than if the deceased jumps to a WP and runs back, especially now that we have fast mounts.

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The Wiki is a pretty good resource for all things GW2, including terminology. It's written and updated by players so sometimes things can be missing or incomplete, but most stuff is there. If you ever can't find anything please let other players know, either here or on the Wiki itself and someone can update it.


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