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Mastery Hint

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"Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master" is a very annoying hint because it appears at the end of every combat, quest or even mining.

When i was playing the game without expansions, exp bar was just re-setting when it was maxed (I was level 80 at that moment), so no problem existed there.After i bought expansions and continued exploring Central Tyria, i unlocked all masteries that i could and wanted at that moment, and now this hint is haunting me.

I played HoF to get raptor and resumed to exploring Central Tyria, which now is at 51%, and i dont plan to farm mastery points right now nor to dismiss this hint 10 times per minute while exloring another half of the continent.

I am free of this hint in the desert, because i still have where to invest experience, but still, at some point, this hint may appear.

The ideal solution would be an option to disable this hint. I know that the game want to prevent experience wastage, but it shouldnt be that annoying.(I also dont plan to go into fractals, does this mean that i will forever see this hint in Central Tyria, because there will be points that i will never get?)

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