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DH: Changes to Bulwark & Hunter's Fortification for better group play?


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DH is generally known for its offensive prowess but I would like to see a slight tweak to DH's less used traits such as Bulwark & Hunter's Fortification to improve group defense. Changes geared toward WvW group-play and shouldn't impact PvE & PvP as much.

BulwarkIncrease radius: 33%Increase duration: 3s

Blocking isn't what it used to be so would like to see an extra 1s to DHs who take Bulwark.

Hunter's FortificationBlocking attacks grant stacking damage and condition reduction to yourself and nearby allies.Hunter's Fortification (8s): -5% damage reduction, -5% incoming condition damageMaximum Stacks: 3Number of Targets: 5Radius: 360

The proposal is more in line with the name and works well with Shield of Courage. Number of stack kept to 5 since damage/condition reduction is extremely strong in WvW. I initially thought it would be neat to bring back "Retributive Armor" in the form of Hunter's Fortification but Hunter's Fortification is a defensive trait through and through. (To ANET: Bring back Retributive Armor. Thanks!)

Btw, traps by default should grant AOE boons on trap trigger (radius 240, number of targets 5) instead of just for the DH.

EDIT: Changed from 5 to 3 stacks. Total bonus from -10% to -15%. 5 consecutive blocks outside of Courage/Shelter is difficult to get and -10% seem lackluster when you compare it to Perfect Inscription + Signet of Judgment (12%). At the minimum, the trait is going to give -5% most of the time.

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