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Meta Chain Run ! full loot , fast and easy !

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Hello , just to notice ppl ive up a meta chain runEvery morning on 8h45 ( paris , madrid , berlin )We do this :@ Istan start 8h45 , Pala@ 9h04 jump to VB , @ 9h10 Matri@ 9h11 casino , we do Pinata , end @ 9h21@ 9h22 we jump on TD , to do Gerant on 9h30@ 9h46 we jump on tarir@ 10h11 we jump on Jahai , New Shaterer , kill before 10h25@ 10h25 we jump on DS , and we done our last meta , mordremoth , after kill, we clean the map by stacking , east to west. we kill champion in 30sec , and legendary wyv under 60sec.

If you are interested by this meta run , full loot , smouth , easy and fast , you can come every morning on 8h30 ( paris madrid , berlin ) on Istan.Don't worry , the first squad is every time full 50/50 but i open a second squad. We fill map with 2 squad :)

BTW if you are new and interested by this run , you have to read this about CC :CC mean Crowd Control , its your control skill like grap , pull , stun , fear , etc.These CC skill will destroy the blue bar on boss , called "stunbar" , so the boss will get stun.

  • We need CC on istan , on matri @ VB , on Pinata @ Oasis , We need pusher CC on south @ tarir , and on champion/legendary wyv on Dragon Stand.
  • We DON't need CC on Gerant @ TD cause if we cc him , he will move faster and its a lost of DPS.
  • We DON't need CC on mordremoth @ DS cause if we CC him , he leave faster , so its a lost dps , people with bomb have no time to come , and fight with mordremoth will be longer.

I hope this meta chain run will interest a lot of more ppl and and i hope explain about CC will help.Sry for my english , i try my best.

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I was looking for something like this...but here's my issue - I'm in the Eastern Standard Time (-6 hours from Berlin time):

@ Istan start 8h45 , Pala - 2:45AM EST - still asleep@ 9h04 jump to VB , @ 9h10 Matri - 3:04AM to 3:10AM - still asleep@ 9h11 casino , we do Pinata , end @ 9h21 - 3:11AM to 3:21AM - yup..still sleeping...@ 10h25 we jump on DS - 4:25AM - only 35 minutes before I wake up to get ready for work.


Wish I could find something like this on this side of the ocean.

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Nice work OP. Even if you don't get enuff players every day, it is great to see someone other than the over worked community guilds offering up some organised runs.Would love to see more organised VB runs so players can get there T4 completions or Serpents Ire meta's as I have noticed even the community guilds seem to have waned on these two, though hardly unexpected.Will maybe try to pop in and see how its going a few times this week, work permitting.

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