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[Bug] Ego-perspective / broken camera on mounts

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Since today's patch, I can reproduce the following weird behavior which results in a messy camera when on mounts:

  • Get on a mount
  • Travel to another waypoint on the current map far enough to trigger a loading screen (it must be the same map)
  • Note how the camera now translates with the player's head very accurately, even taking animation into account (like bumpy rides on a raptor), but does not rotate, and behave weird when using mount-specific travel features (like raptor jump or griffon flap)
  • Zooming into ego-perspective is possible (which is kinda nice, but also does not rotate with the mount).

It feels like the normal player camera is accidentally activated even though the player is mounted, and the mount-specific camera should've taken over.

Here are some screenshots (make ego perspective a feature on mounts in the future, please ;P)JYepNJs.jpgoH6A1ZY.jpg

Unmounting and mounting again fixes this.Anyone else experiencing this?

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I experienced the issue for the first time after yesterdays patch, and have had it happen several times since. I have no idea what Ego perspective is, all I know is that I'll be riding along on my mount and all of a sudden I won't be able to steer it. Somehow the right-click mouse button that I use to steer my mount is becoming non-functional as a steering mechanism and only applies to camera control, from what I remember. I can only steer my mount with the WASD keys at this point, and that won't work hardly at all with "a" and "d" as strafing controls. The glitch can be fixed by dismounting and remounting, but that is RARELY what you would be doing or want to do normally at that time. I have had several other people comment on this glitch to me, and it really turns the mount from a pleasant mechanic, to a very unpredictable and unpleasant one. BTW, I DO NOT USE and DO NOT WANT TO USE first person camera.

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I am able to pinpoint when the bug happens. It is when you are on a mount and you transition to another waypoint in the same zone, that somehow your PoV shifts to the mount itself. This should not happen. However, when transitioning to areas that force you to dismount, it does not happen. Only when you are on mount and you go to another waypoint -- there could be some distance involved. Needs more testing.

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