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Soul Reaper is better than Scourage in PVP


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Part of being a man is telling you that Soul Reaper is better than Scourage in PVP.

Playing a Soul Reaper is like an art. You wait for right time to turn your power on and just hit someone's weak spot really hard. It's to take out an entire team at just the right moment. No with Scourage. I have run around and it's weak and the armor is not good.

I'm gotta be a man and tell you that soul reaper is better than Scourage and I will not play Scourage in PVP all the time. I'm sorry you feel scourage is better and you want make me play that but let me be me bro and I am telling you soul reaper is where its at.

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Scourge > reaper by miles who cares that u can do some nice dps I cant rely on that to win a game. 1: On scourge I don’t have to play on point I am equal as strong kitting and from range as I am on point. 2: my boon rip carry’s any team fight by a mile much more useful to a 5v5 Corp that a reapers dPs( yes u can be vs scrubs and blow a team up) but won’t rely on them lucky games. 3: I am like a master mind and at times my choices on when to use what and on who is whole reason we win. Our dps thinks his 1v2 army or is a god, his there spamming his hulk smash and it’s me in the shadows controlling the fight “oh stab” yum I will take that oh reg up yum oh u about to do a cc chain on my grid well here take this rip then a nice a cc, condi slowly ticking here stopping the Rez.this power is what wins games it can all be about dps meter and look how hard I hit.. only need one of those in my game and will take a rev or core grd over reaper any day in my team. In fact I can not think of any reason to have you unless I was stuck with 2 fb and one does not want to switch play the 4v4 with them mid then I gues the big hits will balance it out.

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@Rodzynald.5897 said:

get pew pew'd by deadeyes and rangersPower reaper has sweet deeps once you get a target close enough, has no means of running away and is pretty much a melee build.

looks like that person deleted their comment but...I hope youre agreeing...cause that's what happens when I play Reaper...I mean that or the whole enemy team focus's me instantly, and yeah where is my stealth? Where is my leap, block or immune?

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@DragonFury.6243 said:

@Sigmoid.7082 said:Reaper with rune of speed? Close all them gaps.

A friend is running that... no one escapes him lol

you dont need to escape reaper you can just kill him

Im his pocket tempest support lmaoLoad him up with static Auras and watch everyone get stun locked who tries to fight him or watch him chase down those who realise they cant attack him.. if they try to range him then I load him up with magnetic auras...

All while making sure he has perma vigor, fury, swiftness and cleansing his conditions for him while hes in reaper form.

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