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(>^~^)>♥ [NA][PVE]Dark Tempest Dragons[DTD]-Recruiting new, current or returning members♥<(^~^<)


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Dark Tempest Dragons[DTD][NA] [PVE] Recruiting current, new, or returning members.Discordhttps://discord.gg/KQRreqGGW2 Recruiters: KjPOPsicle.3058, umex.1427, PsychoXy.2879, Spectre Equinox.7304Time zone: Gmt-4

Our guild is for comfy, casual players who just wanna hang out and chill.If we could gather all the wholesome people in the game and pack them in here, we would. We also have a large discord community, it's where we hang out outside of Gw2 and try other games as well. The server is its own living breathing community. ^-^

General rule: Don't be a dumb dumb, positive vibes only ♥

Extra details to know before joining:

  • Guild missions one hour after server reset on Fridays.
  • Maxed Guildhall: Gilded Hollow
  • Average of 20 players online at any given hour with members from various parts of the world. 40 online at busy hours.
  • About 50% are new players. So don't join expecting veterans and elitism :3 We are happy plebs.
  • No, we do not raid or do CMs. Yet.
  • We are PvE centered! Don't join expecting to get a friend to PvP with :D
  • Our discord is our announcement and communication HUB. Make sure to join!!
  • We accept and respect everyone. We ask that you do as well :D
  • We aim for something more than just a guild, but a family/friendship relationship.  So when you join, we would request that you make the effort to get to know us and for us to get to know you

You can add and whisper/mail an admin listed OR join the discord and post in general.Take care!

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An average of 10 players is online between 6 pm and 10 pm GMT-4 on weekdays. We run events based on member requests or we plan something in the discord a day before or during the day before we log on.Guild missions are usually run Saturdays one hour after the server reset. That would be 9 pm GMT -4 on my end.

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