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[Bug] Character Animation Bug, Character and Griffon became 3D Static Model

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I want press "S"(Backward movement key) while doing Griffon Swoop skill trying to do "Aerial Prowess" masteries upwardBut my finger miss-click and instead of pressing "S", I press "X". Making my finger to push "W" and "X" (and maybe space) at the same timeDismounting animation happen, but the griffon isn't disappearingInstead my character now is look like a 3D Static Model

Pic: Qfpn6jy.jpg

I can move, jump, using skill.To getting out from this 3D Static Model thing, what I do is mounting the Griffon again and using Swoop skill.Trying to reproduce the issue again, but this seems rarely happen. (Or I didn't know what is the correct trigger)

Edit:This also happen sometimes when:

  • Teleporting to WP that doesn't require loading screen
  • When Griffon automatically dismounting itself

It looks like this 3D Static Model bug only happen at my screen but not others, asking my friend if they see the same thing on me on their screen, they say no

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