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[Suggestion] On Player Character Biography

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Dear ArenaNet Developers,

Would you please consider making a gem store consumable item that allows players to reset the character core story line? I believe many of us would really like to enjoy the story again, as we are now able to for living story, without having to create a new character. It'd be even nicer if the consumable would let us change the biography and the following branching decisions, allowing us to modify the story parts that in retrospect do not really fit the character, regarding the role-playing aspect, without having to delete the current character.

Thanks for looking into this :D

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I'd like to have this option, but I've heard the same as Inculpatus - that Anet had tried it and it caused some serious bugs which could cause the game to crash or make it impossible to play any of the story at all. Apparently that's also why they don't have race change - it causes the same problems.

Maybe there is a way around that, but it didn't sound like it. Annoyingly I can't find the quote now but it sounded like they considered it a dead end - they'd tried to make it work and it wasn't possible without breaking things.

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First of all, allow me to clarify that, by 'biography' I mean specifically the part of character creation that affects the early stage personal story.

@DeanBB.4268 said:If Anet could do this, then they could do race change, and that hasn't happened.

Personally, I wouldn't want to change the race of the character, but instead just the biography would be awesome enough!

I have also read years ago the developers stating the technical impossibility to allow players to change the biography of their characters. However, the episodic form of the living story kind of gives me the idea that maybe it is possible to be done now. I understand that there is always the option to recreate your character, but sadly the price of deleting and recreating an already well invested character is just too damn high :( On top of anything soul-bound to the character, one would lose and have to redo the annual birthday reward and the map exploration progress, both of which takes tremendous amount of time.

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