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Rune recipe discovery for base professions [solved]


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I have been trying to discover the rune recipes for the base professions, but no luck. Been following the recipes given on Dulfy's database (same on GW2 wiki), but the needed ingredients do not light up. For example, Recipe: Superior Rune of the Elementalist https://db.dulfy.net/recipe/2552 calls for Bolt of Gossamer and Destroyer Lodestone. When I put the bolt in the discovery window, the lodestone dims, and when I put the lodestone in the discovery window, the bolt dims.

This happens with every base profession recipe I've tried. Have the recipes changed or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!

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A list of recipes can be found on this project page.Help would definitely be appreciated in transitioning the information onto the proper wiki pages. One example of how to do so would be this edit.If you're not comfortable with the "Version history", just leave a comment such as "Added recipe; Version history still needed" to the Summary at the bottom of the edit screen.Helping to update the sigils and runes is also a part of the On Wiki of Gold project, Set 625 =)

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