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4k issues please help


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Guild wars 2 and killing floor 2 are the only games that does this but when i start up guild wars to my 4k monitor freaks out horribly. The very moment you hit play the screen goes black then appears then black and over and over and over. On the top left you can see that it shows "display" each time it does this making the game impossible to play. After restarting over multiple times i can finally play but its just such a hassle. Ive taken care of my drivers already, and looked at resolutions. I DO have 2 monitors so in an attempt to lessen the amount of times this occurs i turn off one and then start up the game. My specs are i5 6600, evga 980 ti ftw edition, i believe a z270 mobo, and 16 gb ram. Ive also switched to using an hdmi cable from my display to still have the same issue. Ive also disabled my 4k and restarted on my 1080 many times without a single issue. Please help :'(

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