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[PvE] What build are you having success with?


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Fairly open question but I'm interested to see if there's anyone trying out any builds different to Berserker, Vipers etc.I've kitted out my Firebrand in Seraph gear (may or may not be a route others have gone too) and having reasonable success with it playing solo; I am having my fair share of ups and downs just to being naff at dodging!

Just keen to hear what routes people have gone with the release of Path of Fire and also if anyone is trying out something wacky.

Edit: I'm thinking mostly in terms of open world, but other areas of PvE arent out of consideration either.

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I played Weaver. Had Celestial back, amulet and rings, berserker leftover trinkets and armor and either celestial weaver sword with offhand berserker dagger, or assassins staff.

That puts me around 50 to 60% crit chance but with high fury uptime from arcane it's more like 70% to 80%.

I did a lot of dying on full glass ele in the demo so switched up my build to be more tanky.

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