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Saving Builds - Why not an option in PvE as well?


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Good Afternoon everyone,

I have been playing GW 2 for a month now, returning after 2 years.

Aside from the various issues regarding Revenant, I noticed one major difference between PvE and PvP that has me curious why it isn't implemented.

In PvP, when I click on the Helmet symbol to change my built, I also have a dropdown menu at the bottom that allows me to switch between builds.

Why is that not an option in PvE?

It seems almost every build is wearing Viper armour anyway (sans a select few exceptions) in PvE, with that in mind, why can't we save different builds for PvE? The equipment stays mostly the same, we may only/likely simply have to change weapon, which can still be done manually really quickly, or be a built-in mechanic with hte build, too.

There's so many builds for classes that work "well" (putting it in airquotes because subjective), but everytime I want to try out something, I have to spend around 10 or more minutes, looking up information and double-checking with my sources (most of the time a page on the internet) to make sure I have the right traits selected, and the right skills equipped. This could be done SO much better by simply allowing us to save PvE Builds in the aptly named "Builds" section in the Hero Tab!

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