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PVE Open World Renegade Build suggestions


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Ok so I've seen a lot of threads for Renegade pve with short bow/ mace & Axe, But i haven't seen a build or what stats to use on gear/weapons. I'd like suggestions please as i want to update current gear for PoF. I mainly open world and do a little dungeons, but not fractals. I'm at the point ready to craft ascended, so if i could get suggestions for both I'd like that.Thanks,Musey

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If you are looking to optimize, I would wait just a bit for the new builds to be vetted. You can usually find good builds at:


If you are not driven to min-maxing, I suggest Viper's gear and Krait runes for general play. I used Berserker runes since I spent a lot of time in mace at tough moments.

Here is the build I used:


It's built fairly squishy, but you have two strong heals and some decent passive survivability. F4 can be used when you need those heals back faster in tough fights. Energy sigils are great, as you need full endurance to keep the crit chance buff, but dodging is imperative to survival. Note that weapon swap sigils trigger on your F1 legend swap.

In Mallyx, turn on your Ult and stay as close as you can. In Kalla, use whichever spirit fits the situation; if none, use your Ult. Swap whenever available. Mace/axe skill priority is 2>3>5>1. Sbow priority is... well, I tend to use them based on enemy positioning; 2 if in a straight line, 5 if clustered near, 4 if clustered far, 3 if clustered midrange.

If you find yourself needing swiftness in open world, swap Invocation second column to slot 2. Use this with Mallyx 9 each time your energy is at 50 for some good speed and virtually permanent swiftness.

I hope this helps :)

Edit: I forget that the Mallyx leap skill defaults to slot 9 since mine is swapped to the 8 key. Corrected swiftness portion.

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This is what I use and it's faceroll easy on most content I've done so far on my Revenant. I use WvW provisioner to get cheap food and this is my same gear from WvW.

Shortbow you'd only use in scenarios where you can't feasibly melee with Mace/Axe. So for example bounties where they have a part where they evade all melee attacks. Or if you're honestly just feeling lazy whatever you're going to get credit in a group event so it doesn't matter but in solo situations you'll want to stick to your big guns (Mace/Axe). If you do Skill 2 three times, and Skill 3/4 one time each that's 26 energy total which is around the same as the standard Mace skill costs but you may not want to swap from Kalla at range as Mallyx doesn't add much for ranged with the bulk of it's energy use on it's Elite which is a melee range ability channel.

Legend gameplay remains largely the same with Mallyx. Immediately hit the Ultimate and then start spamming Mace 2/3 and Axe 5 while doing full auto attack chains in between mashing 2. It's important to do full auto attack chain for the poison on the third hit so don't hit 2 prematurely and interrupt it.

For Renegade things get more complicated. Generally speaking you can do three Mace 2's, one Mace 3, and we'll say zero Axe 5. That's around 25 energy of the 100 energy total you'll get before you can swap back to Mallyx. This leaves you with options how to divide that 75 remaining energy. In a group Razorclaw's Rage is always solid if you can get 5 others to proc bleeds for you (25). In a scenario where there's a big hitbox or lots of AOE then Citadel Bombardment can work with that (35). Single target Ice Razor's Ire isn't bad since it'll stack a ton of Vulnerability for you (30). There's also Heroic Command for some Might Stacks and a Kalla Fervor refresh (15). Lots of options there. You can also go the lazy route and channel Soulcleave Summit (10 and -9) but that's not going to last long as you start with 50, use 10 on Soulcleave (40) then you get 10 seconds of channeling Soulcleave which means you can't use any abilities without running out of energy before you can swap back to Mallyx and Soulcleave's damage add isn't worth not spamming Mace 2/3.

Alternatively to Renegade Legend you can just stick with Jalis and use Hammers like before.

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I'm currently using this one:


Full ascended viper gear (except the bow, which is exotic) with Balthazar runes and sigils of hydromancy and earth (bow), torment (mace) and hydromancy (axe). Silver rank hydras from the second map do explode in matter of seconds, and so do the awakened abominations from the third map (but you must replace the bow for a staff against those ones:).

The combos have a lot of room for experimentarion, but usually against clusters of mobs I start with axe #5 then Unyieldieng Anguish, followed for mace #2, #3, axe #4, swap to Shiro, shortbow #5, #4, etc. The main sources of damage are Unyielding Anguish, Echoing Eruption and the two axe skills, but eveything stacks conditions to the roof and usually takes less than six seconds to put 30-40 stacks of torment in a target, specially fighting in the Mallyx stance. The bow usually scores 10-20 stacks of bleeds and 5-15 of torment very fast, because your crit chance is huge and you're proccing torment from crits and chills (the internal cd are low and your condition duration is long).

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