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RIP heal/boon necro in fractals


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Rune of altruism used to give fury to allies on a healing skillabrasive grit used to grant might on all barrier application

rune of altruism change is something i don't like but i can live with, it was one rune and there are other healing runes out there. It just means that necro can no longer give fury to a party with a rune that has healing power.

Abrasive grit change was uncalled for.
It's a SUPER nerf. You can now maintain a maximum of 9 stacks of might on a party using barrier with boon duration close to 100%. 9 stacks maximum. Druid specifically can spam might on a party of 10 like its no tomorrow.

The problem with the interaction was never abrasive grit, it was vampiric minor trait in blood.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vampiric

This trait makes every hit steal life for the necro onlyany hit of vampiric counts as a heal even if you already have maximum health (code issues)other healing sources wont heal you if your at full health so transfusion on a full health necro does not proc the traitabrasive grit was fine, it did not need to be touchedvampiric MINOR trait in blood magic needed a 1 second ICD and a 100% buff to it's 20 life steal damage

Please anet fix a minor trait instead of an elite specs major trait.

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@Dadnir.5038 said:Nope fix the runeset instead. Thanks.

while i would love this honestly sanctuary is a great rune. For solo pve people, weavers, scourge, and even scrapper all use barrier and have traits that improve or grant barrier. i like that if you can give you self a decent amount of healing you can get some free barrier.

I dont like that abrasive grit was nerfed so hard. It was uncalled for

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@perilisk.1874 said:They should have changed abrasive grit...

not to trigger off little bitty barrier applications such as the rune. Or else, just to proc on barrier from shade and punishment skills.

abrasive grit wasn;t the problem, it was that vampiric minor trait in blood is considered a heal by the game even if you have full health, so it was procing abrasive grit every attack the necro did, giving out infinite small barrier and allowing necro to have 25 might forever and clear a lot of condi's quick

changing the rune to a 5 second ICD and making it 100% healing could be better

but i also see that people who put out small packets of healing and want to get a lot of barrier quick would want the rune to stay the same

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