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Slapping a Bandage on it, Instead of dealing with it. Rune of Sanctuary=Necromancer Nerf


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Respectfully speaking, I was livid last night. You see, I knew changes would be made to rune of Sanctuary, but I kindly ask that not all Scourges be penalized. Any imbalance you felt the class had in general should not have been addressed at the time of a rune and sigil rework was done. Simply because the rune caused the imbalance. Abrasive grit clears 1 condition on barrier. It has a cost it is not something you can spam constantly. It was one of the few tools scourge had for condition clear that supported allies.

Over the six years I have played Necro in PVE, PVP and WvW I have learned to adapt and change with it. I have seen it go power, to condi, to power to condi and now in a very wonderful novel moment, support. At last... :(

So I was furious yesterday when you penalized all scourges for a rune idea that could of been dealt with in a different way. Not to mention, necro inherently applies conditions to themselves, the importance of clearing conditions is beyond important for a support Scourge.

The change should of been to HOW the rune worked.

In an effort to be more than just someone who complains, here are a few rough ideas that could of been tested out:

Rune of Sanctuary could of : Every-time you swap to a weapon gain a barrier for 10-20% of your health (cooldown of 10 seconds)


Rune of sanctuary- 150 healing power, convert two conditions to boons when you heal (15 second cool down)


Rune of Sanctuary-grant barrier of up to 20% of your allies health every time you use an elite skill (45 second cool down)

Please consider support Scourge the whole point of the class to begin with. Just like Chill used to be the main function of reaper :(.

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Even so, if the trait was really the issue ANet should have modified it in a wiser way than slapping an ugly ICD on it. They could have changed the trait to work the same way than desert empowerment, giving us the exact same effect than right now but with tremendously more QoL/freedom in use. But no, out of all possibility they chose the ICD on a trait.

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