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Superior Rune of Speed, feels like only giving 40%-50% over base

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I tested this in game with a guildie both of us with just standard swiftness. I should be moving much faster. Assuming the hardcap of 400 units second has been lifted i should be moving at 488 while a person with standard swiftness would be moving at 391, out of combat. Here is a short video of my comparison, I slow down twice to sync our movement and do not seem to be moving that much faster than standard swiftness.

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@"Khisanth.2948" said:There was already superspeed which gives 100%. Your assumption is just wrong. In both cases their full effect comes into play while in combat.

My "assumption" wasn't whether or not there was a hard cap, it's the communities, you can see it posted everywhere, and I am very aware of superspeed and other movement speeds beyond 33%. If you are going to respond, at least respond to point in question, we can argue semantics and grammar all day, but the question is whether the runes are actually granting 66% movement speed.

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