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Sword Ambush and Sigil of Severance


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Hey guys

Sigil of Severance: Upon interrupting an enemy, gain up to 250 precision and ferocity for 4 seconds, depending on level. (Cooldown: 1 second)

Anyone think this sigil can go great with sword + ambush? Since you get an interupt pretty much everytime you dodge.

Just quickly checked it out and 250 precision is about 11% crit chance and 250 ferocity is 16% crit damage


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I'd prefer Draining too for the sustain, + its 1k damage which ignores armor, but when looking at severance now it could work very well too.

Depends on ur personal usage, but either one of these + energy sigil is 100% in wvw in my opinion. (energy/draining) , (energy/severance). It's time to play arround interrupts.

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