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Ascension achievements are unhealthy


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First of all, this is not a rant post. It's my honest opinion about the achievements for Ascension.

In particular about the profession achievements, which I find to be very unhealthy for the game.I'm taking myself as an example in this post, but I know for a fact this goes for many other players aswell.

I'm an elementalist main, which I obviously play best as. I can play other classes decently well, but not at the same level as my ele play. (Always been mid-plat as ele).Now that I'm actually working on my backpack, I can see myself drop lower and lower in the ranking tiers, I dropped from plat 1 to gold 2 in the past few days, cause I have to play classes I'm not as comfortable on.

I know the achievements won't be changed, atleast anytime soon. But I did want to give my personal feedback on this subject.Feel free to leave your opinions about it, but keep it civil please. Again, this was not a rant post as I don't care about ranks anymore, but more of a statement of my opinion.

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I mean it exists exactly to incentivize people to try out other professions. Worked as far as i'm concerned as its the main reason i tried out Rev and absolutely loving it. Of course people jumping straight into ranked just to complete these achievements without actually learning the new class they are trying in unranked are a bit silly, but its not like its the only silly thing going on in ranked.

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@Mantulis.4153 said:Used to be able to relog on different toon when score difference was overwhelming and you knew there's not a chance for opposing team to win, got that way almost all classes 10 wins each, but now it seems doesn't work anymore...

Yeah it's been patched, now to get wings you need to ruin gameS for self and others


chose one

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Full disclosure: I play at gold 2-3 on every class except guardian, and have a few thousand games of practice across all accts on these classes.

Honestly, diversification isn't that bad. Besides, you shouldn't be jumping in blind on new classes in ranked anyways. I concede some of the achieves are garbage (15 days of daily games to unlock next tier, my impatience kills me!), but the one aimed at arguably making you a better player doesn't feel like one of them.

But presuming they did remove it, what would you propose they replace it with to ensure PVP mastery? It's hardly unfair (3-5 wins on ~3 classes if I remember). I can't really think of anything that would do the same job as this requirement... Unless you'd prefer "get a win on all 9 classes!"

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